Guide To Individual Case Preparation Case Notes Template

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Guide to Individual Case Preparation
Case Notes Template

The following outline and question areas are intended as a guide to your thinking for case preparation. Some question areas, as noted, are required for each case, while others are relevant only for selected cases, depending on the content and focus of the case. You may use this template to guide your preparation of your individual notes on assigned cases. If your notes are handwritten, rather than typed, they must be submitted as photocopies as evidence you have prepared your notes before class.

I. Current Situation
A. Current Performance (required)
How has the organization performed in recent years in terms of return on ...view middle of the document...

Industry Environment (required)
What (How do the five) forces or industry economic characteristics drive industry competition?
What are key factors in successful competition in the industry?

What key factors in the immediate environment currently affect the organization as opportunities or threats
Which factors represent future threats or opportunities?

Which firms are major competitors in the industry and/or the organization’s strategic group?

C. Summary of External Forces (required)
Which of the general and industry environmental forces are most important to the organization and to the industries in which it competes at the present time? Which will be important in the future?

III. Internal Environment
Corporate Structure
Is the present structure consistent with current organizational objectives, strategies policies and programs as well as with the firm’s international operations?

A. Corporate Culture
Is there a well-defined or emerging culture composed of shared beliefs, expectations and values?
What is the culture’s position on important issues facing the organization? (that is, productivity, quality of performance, adaptability to changing conditions and internationalization)

B. Organizational Activities Analysis (required)
Through appropriate analysis of raw data or relevant information as provided in the case, evaluate the following areas of firm activities, functions and business processes. Not all assigned cases will include information on all organizational activities.

Marketing- How well is the firm performing in terms of analysis of (both domestic and international) market position and marketing mix?
What trends emerge from this analysis?
How have these trends affected past performance?
What is the likely impact of these trends on future performance?
Do these activities provide the company with a competitive advantage?

Finance-How well is the firm performing in terms of financial analysis (consider ratios, common size statements and capitalization structure)
What trends emerge from this analysis?
How have these trends affected past performance?
What is the likely impact of these trends on future performance?
Do these activities provide the company with a competitive advantage?

Research and Development-What are the firm’s current R&D objectives, strategies, policies and programs?
Does R&D provide the company with a competitive advantage?

Operations and Logistics- What are the firm’s current manufacturing/service objectives, strategies, policies and programs?
Have you observed any significant (positive or negative) trends in costs or efficiency?
How well does the firm perform relative to the competition?
Are operations managers using appropriate concepts and techniques to evaluate and improve current performance?
Does operations provide the company with a competitive advantage?

Human Resources Management (HRM)- What are the firm’s current HRM objectives, strategies,...

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