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Guidance And Counseling Essay

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Republic of the Philippines
Don Claro M. Recto Campus
Marawoy, Lipa City



The proposed action plan will consist of activities wherein the developers prepared a preventive approach. The first part will cover the introduction of time management and procrastination and its consequences. This is only the initiation of orienting the target subject by means of conducting a half-day seminar. Followed by uniting the students through team building and workshop, this is to understand and know ...view middle of the document...

Ryan, M. (2007) stated that “the habit of procrastination can reach such chronic levels that it can have negative effects on their life”.

Procrastination Can Negatively Effect on Our Personal Life. It is very unhealthy to continue to put your body through this type of stress, not only is it unhealthy for you, it puts unnecessary strain on your relationships. An ideal situation for us is to just go to sleep tonight and wake up and magically the task is done, but that’s not how it works. Instead we wake up and we have an even heavier burden than the day before. This stress or anxiety we feel over long periods of time can lead to more serious situations such as depression and other forms of mental illnesses.
In line with this, the proponents proposed a program to address procrastination and generally to take down the “MañanaHabit” among college students, especially for the freshmen computer-game-enthusiast students of Batangas State University of Lipa campus as they took step into a more vivid and rigid staircase of their college life and learn proper time management.


The facilitators will have a room to room visitation and distribute flyers, disseminate posters about what is the use of the activity (particularly workshop) when will the activity will be acquitted in each classroom and post it into some bulletin boards inside the campus.


The facilitators will have a room to room visitation, introduce themselves to the students and orient the participants about the activity (workshop) that will be conducted. Facilitator will use Kim Clausen’s Ready2Go Teleseminar guide for workshop in Overcoming Procrastination. The facilitator believes that this workshop guide will at least help the participants address and alter their procrastination habits and learn proper time management in their study. Afterwards, the facilitators will disseminate tracks on how to alter procrastination and proper time management. These tracks will not only serve as propaganda of...

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