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Guidance Essay

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School Guidance Counselors: Understanding their Role and Making the Most of the Relationship

Whether your child is going through a difficult situation that is affecting his or her school work, or you want to ensure your college-bound teen stays on track, a school guidance counselor is a valuable resource for both you and your child.
Perhaps your own interactions with school counselors were minimal as a student, or you are unsure what sort of guidance to expect as it relates to your child's academic experience. Today, the school guidance counselor plays an important role in students' educations, providing academic, personal and social, and post-graduate advisement services. ...view middle of the document...

* Coordination with other support staff at the school.
* Facilitation of parent discussion groups and conferences and fostering regular communications with parents through newsletters and in-person discussions.
* For high school students, advisement for post-graduate plans, including college, military service or technical school.

How can you develop a mutually beneficial relationship with your child's guidance counselor? Here are a few ways you can best utilize the counselors at your child's school:

* Discuss behavioral issues or other areas of concern and seek advice for potential action plans at home.
* Learn about school programs for parents and resources available to your child and family.
* Share knowledge about your child's social and academic development or significant events or changes in his or her life.
* Discuss your child's academic and career goals and how you can best support those goals at home.
* Be proactive about college planning by discussing resources for financial aid, your child's four-year academic plan and more.
* Seek advice on improving communications with your child.
Like all education professionals, your child's guidance counselor encourages and welcomes your involvement in your child's education. Developing a cooperative, two-way relationship between you and your child's guidance counselor can only stand to benefit your child. Not only will you be better informed of your child's academic and personal development, you will have a caring ally to turn to as challenges arise throughout your child's education.

Article provided by Huntingtong Learning Center, Date retrieved : October 13, 2013

Article # 2
Connecting With Your Child's School Counselor for a Successful School Year
Saturday, September 01, 2007
by: ASCA School Counselor
It’s that time of year again – back to school. As students across the country enter the school halls with fresh notebooks, clean backpacks and a new attitude to do their best, it’s time for parents to think about their back-to-school roles as well. One way to ensure your children have a successful school year is to make a connection with their school counseling department.
The school counselor’s role is to act as the first line of contact for parents and students for assistance in academic, social or personal development. The professional school counselor is a certified/licensed educator trained in school counseling with unique qualifications and skills to address all students’ academic, personal/social and career development needs.
The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) encourages parents to proactively communicate with their child’s school counselor at least three times a year to best steer their child’s success. “It’s important for parents to establish and maintain regular communications with the school counselor to better understand their child’s challenges and address...

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