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Gsis Vs. Court Of Appeal G.R. No. 101439

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Graduate School of Business
Master of Business Administration

Business Law
Case 3
GSIS vs. Court of Appeals

Submitted by:
Liao, Weiqin
Facts of the case
• National Food Authority (NFA, formerly National Grains Authority) was the owner of a Chevrolet truck which was insured against liabilities for death of and injuries to third persons with the GSIS.

• On May 9, 1979, at about 7:00 in the evening at Tabon-Tabon, Butuan City, the said truck driven by Guillermo Corbeta collided with a public utility vehicle, a Toyota Tamaraw. The Toyota Tamaraw was owned and operated by Victor Uy, under the name and style of “Victory Line”. The Tamaraw was a total ...view middle of the document...

o GSIS Also elevated the decision in this civil case to the same appellate court.

Resolved by court
• First Case (Civil – Case No. 2196) June 5, 1979
o The RTC awarded Uy the total amount of P109,100.00 for damages
• Second Case (Civil – Case No. 2225) August 27, 1979
o RTC dismissed the case against UY and orered MIGC
o Corbeta and NFA to pay plaintiff Tear (Private Passenger), jointly and severally, the amount of P40,559.94 for actual, compensatory, and moral damages plus attorney’s fees.
• Third case (Civil – Case no. 2256) November 26, 1979
o Damages likewise award to the herein private respondents.
o Corbeta, NFA and MIGC are solidarity liable for damages.
Injured Victims
Victoria Jainme Vda. De Kho
Transportation and and Telegraph Expense P 2,372.30
Other Compensatory/Moral Damages P10,000.00
Loss of Income P12,000.00
Total P33,307.36
Gloria Kho Vda. De Calabia
Other Compensatory/Moral Damages P10,000.00
Total P10,000.00
Heirs of Deceased Victims
Funeral Death Mora Total
Expenses Indemnity Damages

Heirs of Willie P 2,500.00 P18,000.00 P10,000.00 P30,500.00
Calabia , Sr.

Heirs of P 2,500.00 P18,000.00 P10,000.00 P30,500.00
Roland Kho

Heirs of Maxima P 2,500.00 P18,000.00 P10,000.00 P30,500.00
Ugmad Vda.
De Kho

o GSIS direct liable to the private respondents base con...

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