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Grub n’ Go Part III
September 19, 2011
Amber Topping

As a unique food delivery service organization, Grub N’ Go sets itself apart from the rest of the competition through its highlighted attributes of restaurant-quality food delivery and customer priority service. Just as any other organization, Grub N’ Go starts life in the product life cycle as an idea and flows into the business it is now. In order for the company to continue growing, certain positioning and differentiating strategies must be implemented for the service and how to apply the pricing for deliveries and marketing.
Grub n’ Go’s service is simple; food delivery. The attributes or characteristics of Grub n’ ...view middle of the document...

The delivery of food will be available for a minimal service charge. Time that a customer would normally be spent traveling to the restaurant or waiting in line can be spent on something else. Because of the demands of work, school, and extracurricular activities families must often budget their time together making family time extremely valuable. The reasonable service fee is a small price when compared to the value of limited family time.
Variety and value will mean little to the customer if the food is not delivered on-time. Grub n’ Go will offer an on-time delivery guarantee. If a Grub n’ Go employee quotes a delivery time, and the delivery is late the customer will not pay the delivery service fee. The on-time guarantee will provide customers the ability to plan for their food will arrive. The guarantee will also provide a sense of urgency to the Grub n’ Go staff and help management score efficiency of the Grub n’ Go staff. A measurable attribute is extremely important for evaluation of service levels and offers an opportunity for improvement.
A final, but extremely important attribute is friendly service. Customers will often pay more for friendly service or even reduce their options by not eliminating the possibility of transacting business with an unfriendly company. A friendly and helpful staff will complement the other attributes of Grub n’ Go’s service. “Thank you” for choosing Grub n’ Go will be more than a salutation, it will be the attitude relayed from upper-management to the frontline worker. Grub n’ Go recognizes that customers have numerous choices and being the delivery service of choice is an honor.
Grub n’ Go is like every other service business in terms of its growth through the business cycle. It will progress through the stages of the product life cycle in the following manner. Grub n’ Go will enter the market with a market introduction (Perreault, Cannon, McCarthy, 2009). They will do this with a large media blitz to get the name and propose of this service out to the customers. Grub n’ Go will also have to bring all the restaurants in to let the public know how many different places they can order from using this service. To introduce this service to the public, they will need to start simple to get the public’s attention. Once the public knows what the Grub n’ Go is offering, and the convenience this service offers, they may try the service.
After the introductory stage, Grub n’ Go will be entering the market growth stage. At this stage, the company will become busier as more people will be trying the service to see how it works for them. Part of this growth could come from the business sector that is ordering meals in for their employees or for last minute lunch meeting. Another part of the growth could come from the weekend game watchers. These would be the guys that all get together at the last minute to watch the ball game and forget to stock the food earlier. Another sector that could...

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