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Grove Essay

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In the short story ”Grove”, there is written by Erin Brooks Worley, we read about a first-person-narrator, that is a girl. She has some confrontations with a guy and his parents.
The story takes place in Florida, in a town called Frostproof. Here lives the guy, but the author never mention his name. It is always I, he and she in the story. Here he lives nearby his parents. We also do not know the names of the parents.
The guy has a strange relationship to a girl, there is the first-person-narrator. First you think, she is his girlfriend, but then she says in the text: “I never asked him to leave his wife”, and later in the text the first-person-narrator says: “He likes kids, I ...view middle of the document...

She is also very insecure, while she apologize a lot to the guy. She says to the girls on the dock, that she is happy. However, they describes her very negative in the text, when they hear, that the narrator is not the guy’s girlfriend: “So you’re one of those, she says. Huh”. She is describing the guy’s father very positive, and she think this in the text: “I want to touch him, to put my hand against his rough face and say thank you”. That can also be sign for, that the girl’s and the guy’s relationship are not very love-like, and she maybe likes his father more than him. The narrator thought, that she never would have meet his parents. Therefore, the couple are maybe in the different place, than they have imagined.

The guy in the short story has a wife, but her do we not hear so much about. He is spending his time with the first-person-narrator in the story. He want a kid with her, because his wife cannot get a baby. He rides on his father’s motorbikes, but he fell of one of his motorbikes one day. He would not get help from his parents, when he fell, because he...

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