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Groups And Teams Essay

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Groups and Teams
James W. O'Sullivan
Monday March 28, 2011
Dina Johnson-Cobb

Groups and Teams
“A group is defined as two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives” (Organizational Behavior, by Robbins and Judge, p. 284, 2009). Different skills of a diverse workforce are an advantage for success of groups and teams within any organization. Promoting a diverse work environment offers group and team members the opportunity to make evident their skills and ideas. These human resources demonstrate creativity, strategies, and a competitive edge over companies of lesser dimensions. Diversity is a valuable resource ...view middle of the document...

Team dynamics is the blood that pumps through the heart. Positive dynamics are productive and negative dynamics are counter-productive. To avoid counter-productivity businesses should deliver diversity training for their managers, group, and team members. Diversity training demonstrates how everyone in the workforce is working together for the same goals despite his or her differences. This also builds cohesion within the group or team, and loyalty to their company. Team-building activities help unite a diverse workforce. Sports such as a company softball or a bowling team provide the opportunity for employees to interact with each other. This is an excellent team-building technique. A company cook-out is another social interaction activity outside of the office, and illustrates how coworker’s act in a more relaxed environment. Providing educational benefits and work-related classes also help build the group or team.
Cohesion within groups and teams unites their strengths because strength in numbers plays a positive influence on productivity. Cohesion inspires trust and trust influences motivation toward achieving the goal. When group and team members conceive each others’ different points-of-view, they are no longer threatened by them. This accomplishment provides an opportunity for teammates to learn from each other.
When acting as a team, members must remember they are a cohesive unit and not an individual unit. All members on a team strive for the greater good of the team not individual advancement. Disagreements on assignment...

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