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Group Therapy Essay

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Experiential Family Group Therapy

Experiential Family Group Therapy
Melanie Davis
Columbia College

In today’s world, many people seek professional therapy or counseling for a limited amount of time in order to deal with different life crises, they may experience. Others seek professional help for the majority of their lives in order to deal with a psychological disorder. Earlier this year I was served with divorce papers. ...view middle of the document...

Although I have had some marriage counseling in the past, the majority has been subsequent to being diagnosed with depression. I have done individual counseling, marriage and family counseling too. And most recently, I am currently taking a course titled Working with Groups, at Columbia College. It discusses the different types of therapy. Needless to say, it is very interesting to know the different "features" of group therapy and the different therapy techniques, and be able to recognize and better understand certain therapy sessions. All of the information on the different types of therapies has helped me to more fully understand my own personal life crises and situations. This brings me to Experiential Family Therapy. Experiential therapy comes from the humanistic side of psychology, which focuses on the immediate, here-and-now experience. This paper will give a brief background of Family Therapy and critique the various family systems approaches dealing with experiential family group therapy. Family group therapy uses many different types of approaches which include experiential, solution focused, structural, strategic, and functional family therapy. They all are short term therapy with goals.

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