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Group Theory Final Review

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Which one of the following is NOT an important characteristic of an effective group.
* D
2. The theory of group dynamics is
* _The area of social science that focuses on advancing knowledge about the nature of group life_____
3. To be effective group members do NOT need
* The decisions are always made by the highest authority; there is little group discussion; members’ involvement is minimal
4. A group may be defined as a collection of individuals
* Whose interactions are structured by a set of roles and norms
* Who influence each other
* Who are trying to satisfy some personal need through their joint association
5. Which one of the following is NOT a defined attribute of the group.
* The fear that they cannot use groups effectively
* Resistance to taking responsibility for others
6. Social psychologist subscribe to the group orientation belief that
7. Which one of the following is NOT an accepted element of trust.
* Hiding information from the rest of your group
* Saying one thing but doing another
8. Speaker credibility can refer to
* The perceived ability and motivation of a communicator to know valid information and communicate this information without bias
9. Ethnocentrism
* Is the tendency to regard one’s own ethnic group, nation, religion, or culture as better or more “correct” than others.
10. Members of a high performing group
* A group that meet all the criteria for being an effective group and outperforms all reasonable expectations, given its membership
11. While considering the 5 stages of groups, which one of the following stages creates the greatest opportunity of conflict.
* The storming stage: A period where members resist the influence of the group and rebel against accomplishing the task
12. Which one of the following types of groups is used for teaching specific content (coopertive learning)
* Expert group
13. When 2 groups are placed in the same room and given unrelated tasks they often begin to
* Start coming together and working one the same thing or they start to compromise the other group.
14. A problem with brainstorming is
* Production blocking reflects the group norm that only one person is to speak at a given time. This prevents members from blurting out their ideas the moment they think of them and thereby the ideas may be forgotten or censored.
15. When a group chooses one out of two attractive options members tend to
* Short sight themselves and stunt their creativity
16. Which one of the following aspects of group dynamics is not directly important of your completion of your degree as an ITT Tech student.
* An understanding of group dynamics is central to building healthy families
17. Which one of the following groups typifies the behavior of the study group assigned by the...

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