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Group Dynamics Essay

1452 words - 6 pages

Case Study Role Play- “Curses, Foiled Again in France”

CEO of kiosk photo printers (Joe Wesoloski)
Assistant1 (Beixin Zheng)
Assistant2 (Fan Yang)
Assistant3 (Beihao Xu)
Assistant4 (Anqi Zhu)
Erin Barker (Sofia Zhidro)
Cultural Interaction Trainer/friend (Jessica Zawada)
Gilles Naulleau (Jiao Wang)
French Colleague 1/Pierre Chevalier (Junjie)
French Colleague 2 (Lei Zhou)

Role Play

Scene 1 (Company conference room)

CEO: I just got off the phone with our team from Dijon, France today and we came to the consensus that it would be beneficial to create an “international liaison” position within the company. This person would spend about five days per month in Dijon ...view middle of the document...

As we discussed over the phone, I would like you to become our international liaison. You would still retain your product development manager position about half of the time. But while fulfilling the liaison role, your product development work will be delegated to two specialists. Do you accept the position?

Erin Barker: I accept the role but I admit that I am a bit skeptical. The Dijon group does not report to me but I will do my best to represent the company headquarters.

CEO: Great, pack your bags because you are leaving for Dijon in two days.

Scene 2—(Erin walks toward the boarding zone with phone in hand)
---20 sec scene where she plays French words on her phone, repeats a few words out loud to herself, and then she walks out the door. 

Scene 3 France--(Erin knocks on the door and Gilles greets her with colleagues behind him)


Gilles Nalleau: Hello Erin.

Erin Barker: Bonjour. Je suis enchante de faire votre connaissance. Mon sejour sera pour plusieurs jours. Je oudrais apprendre votre operation. Aussi, je voudrais expliquer les operations due siege, et repondre a vos questions. [ENGLISH TRANSLATION ON POWER POINT]

Gilles Nalleau: Oh, how nice, you speak a little French.

French Colleague 1/Pierre Chevalier: Let’s show you around.

Erin Barker: Thank you for showing me around. But if you don’t mind me asking, what were the results of last quarter’s sales figures? And how do you forecast next quarter’s production?

French Colleague 2 [shrugs his shoulders]: And here is the printer production line. The whole process is stream-lined and very efficient. [They all walk out the door]


Erin Barker: Ma derniere visite chez vous etait tres agreeable. J’ai apprecie I’opportunite a connaitrew les cadres de Dijon. Maintenant je voudrais discuter les projeis lies au success de notre entreprise [SHOW ENGLISH TRANSLATION ON POWER POINT].

Gilles Nalleau: Bonjour. Je suis enchante. How was the weather in America? There’s nothing but cold weather and snow here so I hope you packed warm layers.

French Colleague 1/Pierre and French Colleague 2: Speak amongst themselves in French in Erin’s presence.
Erin Barker [To all of the French leaders]: How have your sales figures been in comparison.]to my last visit?

Gilles Nalleau: Madam, you must be tired from your flight. Take some rest. You don’t want us to bore you with our statistics during your stay. [Everyone exits the room except Erin.]

CEO [calls Erin]: Hi Erin, how is the situation going in Dijon? I spoke with Gilles and he seems to be confused with your role and the purpose for your visits. What’s going on?

Erin Barker: Progress has been extremely slow. I’m having a tough time getting down to business with the Dijon managers.

CEO: Would you like me to assign somebody else to the role?...

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