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The movie Groundhog Day, is labeled as a comedy, but in fact it is a story about love, a story about Phil’s transformation based on love.  Phil his character is forced to repeat the same day over and over again. He goes through many phases in this movie and in the end changing his persona. When analyzing love, it becomes apparent that much has been written about it. In fact, love has been broken down into different phases such as Eros, Philia and Agape. Being trapped in Groundhog Day has significant effects on Phil’s practices of these three kinds of love Eros, Philia and Agape.

One significant effect on Phil being trapped in Groundhog Day is his practice of Eros. According to the ...view middle of the document...

Since Rita is not falling for him as he thought she would, Phil realizes that his attempt is not working as he had planned. Phil starts wondering what he might be doing wrong and uses his entrapment to get to know Rita in a deeper level and learn different things about her. Due to his entrapment Phil learns things about Rita that catched his attention and he ends up wanting a more intimate relationship with her. As he gets to know her better, Phil’s feelings towards Rita become stronger.

Another drastic effect on Phil being trapped in Groundhog Day is his practice on philia. Based on the article, “Ancient Greek, Conceptions of Love” philia is the most general kind of love, brotherly love, often translated as friendship. Philia is characterized by wanting the best for someone’s sake. As seen in the beginning of the movie Groundhog Day Phil had no interest in the practice of philia. He didn’t want to make friends and was rude to everyone , even his coworkers, Larry and Rita. He never makes conversation other than work related topics. Another example of Phil’s despite to friendship can be seen in the film. Due to his entrapment, Phil sees the same homeless man in the corner asking for money and every time Phil passes by, he ignores him. He also pretends to look for change but doesn’t spare a coin. Also, Phil ignores his high school friend and tries to avoid what he is telling him. Later on in the movie , we see how

Phil’s effect on his practices of philia changes drastically. Phil realizes that he is not a ‘GOD’ and can’t control what happens in life. He accepts that death lies at the end for all, so he starts being friendly to others. When Phil realizes that being nice and doing good things brings satisfaction in him, he starts becoming a nicer person. In the movie, it’s seen that due to his entrapment, everyday it’s a brighter day to make things right. One scene in the movie shows how Phil helps three older ladies stuck on the road with a flat tire. Without them asking for help, Phil changes the flat tire and walks away with a smile on his face. Phil realizes that there is things he can do to help others for example, he saves a man from shocking in a restaurant. One of the most remarkable scenes in the movie, is when he realizes that despite the entrapment of himself, he couldn’t control what happened in life at the end of the day. The same homeless man he ignored the whole time is dying right in front of him and when he realizes that the man will eventually die. He uses his entrapment to make the man feel special, even though the homeless man has no idea he is dying, Phil takes him to the restaurant to eat all he wants. He also takes him to the doctor and keeps him warm through the cold nights, but no matter what Phil does, he can’t control death. That’s when it finally hits him. No matter how powerful he felt because of the entrapment, he wasn’t able to keep the old man from dying. Phil showed his...

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