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Greenhouse Effect Essay

642 words - 3 pages

Organizational Method: Topical

Topic : Greenhouse Effect
General purpose : To inform
Specific purpose : To inform my audiences that the causes of greenhouse effect.
Central idea : The causes of greenhouse effect are deforestation, burning of fossil, farm animals, fertilizer and electrical appliances.

I. If I ask you, what is greenhouse effect, what is the first thing across in your mind?
II. The greenhouse effect is the warming of the Earth by trapped gas in the atmosphere.
III. The gases present in the atmosphere refer to the term “greenhouse gases”.
A. What are the greenhouse gases?
B. How those gases bring to greenhouse effect?
IV. However, ...view middle of the document...

C. The consumption of fossil fuels for industrial purposes or consumer
purposes that increase by time will lead to the increases of the pollution
level in the world.
(Transition: How about the other causes?)

III. Greenhouse effect is also caused by farm animals.
A. Keeping large amounts of farm animals such as pigs, goats and cows will
also contributes to greenhouse effect.
B. Methane is produced when organic material is broken down.
1. Methane is produced in their stomachs by the food's breakdown process
when farm animals digest their food.
2. The methane is released into the atmosphere through their manure.

IV. Fertilizer is also contributes to the greenhouse effect.
A. Artificial nitrogen is frequently used as a fertilizer for crops.
B. Some of this nitrogen is released into the atmosphere as nitrogen oxide.
C. Crops fertilized in other ways actually decrease the amount of nitrogen in
the air by fertilizing themselves through nitrogen fixation.
1. By fertilizing the crops with artificial nitrogen, this increases two fold
the levels of nitrogen oxide in the air.

V. Electrical appliances are amongst...

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