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Greenlight Accounting, LLC


Executive Summary

Thorough documentation for individual and small firms is an essential element in financial record keeping and tax filing. Personal income from investments, land, compensations, employment, dividends, and interest can sometimes be an over burdensome task for an individual or family to manage and keep track with throughout the year. For businesses, it’s imperative all transactions be logged with accurate bookkeeping and that taxes stay filed in a timely manner to ensure the efficiency of the organization remains intact. Greenlight Accounting is that ...view middle of the document...

All are versed in the unique challenges and circumstances our service members endear on a continuous basis such as different state taxes other than the state they reside, tax-exclusion and deployment extensions. The team is also comfortable and experienced in managing multi-million dollar accounts in very complex environments, making for an easy transition to any small business’ accounting needs. Green accounting is a concept that is still being introduced to the industry and we are going to take advantage of the experience we have in marketing this unique service.
Green accounting is a term used to describe accounting practices which attempt to factor environmental costs into the financial results of a company’s operations. Our green accounting practices will aim to reduce a company’s consumption of natural resources. Some companies focus on using less paper and many support their employees in telecommuting, which saves time, uses smaller quantities of natural resources, and produces less environmental pollution. Green accounting is a growing movement that has the backing not only of environmentalists, but some top global corporations. To greatly simplify it, green accounting puts a dollar value on natural resources in order for business and political leaders to make more informed decisions. Our services will include support for developing and improving environmental management systems for the purpose of acquiring ISO 14001 certification, weighing environmental costs and effects, developing and improving environmental accounting practices used in internal management activities, preparing environmental, sustainability and social reports, third party audits and compliance with the Kyoto Protocol (Morphy, 2012).
Growing pressures on the environment and increasing worldwide environmental awareness have emphasized the importance of having company’s attempt to accurately value and account for their assorted environmental and natural resources, as a means of formulating appropriate and sustainable economic, trade and social policies. Firms and companies can be environmentally friendly and also save or earn money in several ways. Many business can gain by having a green design and construction that can save energy and buffer the bottom line in the following ways: Earn tax breaks and rebates; lower construction costs; reduce or eliminate the need for heating and air-conditioning equipment and the associated costs of purchase, maintenance, and electricity; cut energy and water bills in half; and protect operating budgets from increases in energy prices (Accelero, 2013). North Dakota also offers tax incentives on income tax and property tax for green construction. Climate change and sustainability are increasingly important concerns for clients, as are energy costs. We will help organizations reduce the levels of carbon and making the firm itself greener. We will also help clients qualify for government incentives and stimulus money, including a...

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