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Green Computing Research Project – Part 2

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Case Study 2:
Green Computing Research Project – Part 2
CIS 517

Week 6

As previously stated, the main purpose of the Green Computing Research Project is to research possible applications of green computing for greater efficiency. Furthermore, in our second case study we will focus on documenting the requirements of this project. As well as developing the scope statement for this project. By document the requirements based on the information provided and assumptions that we have made, including a requirements traceability matrix. Secondly, we will a list of questions to ask the company’s CIO, Ben, who is the project sponsor. Lastly, we will describe the potential deliverables and product characteristics through research.
Project requirements provide an obvious tool for evaluating the quality of a project, because a final review should examine whether each requirement has been met. The requirements of this project ...view middle of the document...

Their objective is to “help improve the environment while increasing revenues and reducing costs. This led to the development of “The Environmental Technologies Program. One of the first objectives of the program is the Green Computing Research Project. Our specific task, myself, the CIO, and our team, is to gather the necessary detailed research that will help launch the company’s new green computing system. Our research will focus on the program’s specific requirements, which were discussed in part 1 of our case study. Secondly, we will work with outside sources and consultants regarding green efficient technologies. Next we will suggest at least 20 project ideas that could be carried out after this research project; and four final projects that can actually be implemented. Lastly, we will create charts and references to support our research, (Scwalbe, 2010).
When this project is successfully carried out, we will be able to provide intangible features and deliverables in report and chart format to the CIO and stakeholders of the Environmental Technologies Program. Products may be described in terms of their features and benefits.  Features are product characteristics that deliver benefits; we buy products for their benefits, (DMack Media, 2014). With this research the company will be able to carry out a tangible project to introduce an efficient, long lasting, and prosperous green computing system.


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