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Greek Philosophy Essay

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Greek Philosophy

Cherese Howard

HUM 100

November 03, 2009
Felix Figueroa

Greek Philosophy

Greek Philosophy is a great civilization that is very much still a part of our culture and everyday living of today. These great men discovered things that were too advance for their life time. Without them, society of today will not have geometry, logic or natural sciences. The term philosophy is Greek in origin meaning “love of wisdom.” (Owens, 2003) Pythagoras suggested that “wisdom is something divine and man cannot be truly wise but a lover of wisdom.” (Owen, 2003)
Greek philosophy began around 1200 B.C.E. Historians believe that it was ...view middle of the document...

Thales theories caught on and influenced other to think and question the unknown. Thales had a disciple named Anaximander. Anaximander took his teachings with Thales and suggests that “the substance underlying all natural phenomena was not water but rather something else called Aperion.” (Beginnings of Greek Philosophy, pg 240) The Webster Dictionary states that Aperion is a Greek work that means “the unlimited, indeterminate and indefinite ground, origin, or primal principle of all matter,” (apeiron, 2009) or boundary-less matter. Anaximander started the notation that our world was not flat but cylinder with a flat top and bottom. He stated that the world floated in space freely, it has space from everything, and the world did not need any support. Thales and Anaximander was two men that are too advance for their time because their theories was somewhat proven. The world is round and the earth does float freely without any support. Anaximenes, Anaximander’s follower, then suggested that aer was the primary substance of the universe. Aer is a Greek word for “air.” Anaximenes used it in terms of “mist out of which denser substances are formed by condensation. This Greek man has come up with the concept of dew and fog. These men can up concepts that baffled the world for thousands of more years later. Even when Christopher Columbus sailed the seas some 2600 years later, people still thought the world was flat and he was going to fall off the edge. Many philosophers believe that Anaximenes as the last great thinker that came from Milesian School, which brought the Thales’ speculations to its natural conclusion.
Later half of the 6th century B. C. Pythagoras founded a religious and cultural organization. Pythagoreans history is kind of an obscure and they cultivated the study of mathematics and tried to explain the cosmos on this basis. They started the study of the physical universe on a quantitative account. They also emphasized moral guidance and education by using mathematical terms to explain virtues. The Pythagoreans came up with the same notations the churches use which is that the body is the transmigration of souls. This notation states that your soul is imprison is the body like a tomb.
Other great Greek philosophers that came out of this area also gave structure to the scientific world and founded the bases of sciences today. There was Empedocles of Acragas. He used Ionian opposites, hot and cold, dry and wet, into elements of fire, earth, air, and water called roots of all or Empedoclean elements. Then the great Atomists Leucippus and Democritus gave Atomism a “more profound explanation of the physical world.” (Owens, 2003) They shaped what we learned in Physical Science class that everything was made or consists of basic particles called atoms. They said that “the basic particles were "atomic" in the sense of indivisible, and were not subject to generation or alteration or destruction…They were all of the same nature,...

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