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Greek Essay

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Sir Arthur Evans (1850-1842)
1900-1905 excavated an entire city of KUOSSOS
Discovered a civilization and discoverer of writing (three forms of writing)
Concluded that civilization originated out of Greek
Created a chronological civilization
Hid anything that would disprove his theory
Greatest archeologist of his time

George Mylonas
1952 found tablets

Maria Amalia Christine (1738-1768)
JJ Winklemann
Father of Archeology
History of the Art of antiquity
Unpublished relics of antiquity

Paleolithic age –old stone age
Neolithic age- new stone age

Early- 3000-2100 BC
Middle- 2100-1550
Late- 1550-1100

Pelos was attacked and destroyed 1230
Whether the economy had trashed or they neglected their defenses
Mycenian greeks worshiped the same gods as the later greeks
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New people arrive, Dorians believe they were descendants of Hercules.
Argos, Sparta, Messenia – 3 most important states in Greece
2. Alphabet- invented by the Phoenicians (region now known as Lebanon)
Greeks added vowels
3. first forms of writing
4. Calendar
776BC first Olympics

They were united by a common language and religion, but they were politically divided
In the 400s
B.C.E. Athens truly became the heart of Classical Greece. It was a military
and cultural leader among city-states, and it also put into practice democracy, which is government by the demos, the Greek word for “people.”
Athens used its mighty navy to establish a maritime empire, taking control
of many other city-states. Through increased contact, some Athenian notions of democracy spread around the region

Beginning with Athenian leader Pericles (c. 495–429 B.C.E.), democracy took on its fullest form from 450 to 350 B.C.E., when Athens’s male citizens enjoyed broad government participation. Women and non-citizens
(which included all foreigners and slaves), however, could not participate—

Although they ruled different areas of the mainland, the rivalry between Sparta and Athens deepened as Athens’s power and stature increased. Sparta, unique among the Greek city-states, had a social structure
based on a purely military model. The two city-states shared little common
ground philosophically and politically, and finally went to war with one another in 431 B.C.E. in a conflict now known as the Peloponnesian War.

there was a large migration into the Peloponnese Peninsula of the Dorian
people from the north (the ancestors of the Spartans), and that the Mycenaeans fled across the Aegean to Ionia, or Asia Minor, to escape them.

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