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Grading System Essay

1687 words - 7 pages

Republic of the Philippines
EPCC Campound, Baybay, Catarman
Northern Samar







Table of Contents
Background of the Study 1
Objectives of the Study 2


Background of the Study
A grading system is a great help to students and to the school Administrator in maintaining and monitoring students’ performance. It will be easy for the students to determine their grades in every subject taken especially right after the end of a ...view middle of the document...

Project Objectives
The purpose of this project is to put into practice what we have learnt so far in our software engineering class. We spent most of the semester studying extreme programming. With extreme programming, the client knows how far he or her software is coming and knows what to except at one particular time or the other. The software is built exactly the way the client wants it to be built.
The main purpose of this study was to;
1. Create a system that helps the students and school administration to evaluate and monitor grades at the end of the semester.
2. Help the school registrar of EPCC on easy access and release of students’ grades when needed.
3. Organize students’ grades for accessible search.

Statement of the Study
Design a program that will accept as data input the grades of the students in East pacific Computer College.
This study will of great help to the student in monitoring their grades, the following reasons was stated;
1. What is a computerized grade monitoring and keeping?
2. How to electronically update students’ grades?
3. How to organize students’ grades?

Scope and Limitation
The study only concentrates on Computerized grade Monitoring System in East pacific Computer College in Catarman, Northern Samar. The content of the proposed system covers the course, year, subject and grades, as basis of evaluating and monitoring students’ grades every end of the semester.

Significance of the Study
The study must be significant most importantly to the administration of the East Pacific Computer College especially the registrar because it will be made easy for them to compute the grades and monitor the grades of the students. This will help them managed will in the processing of the students semestral grades through the proposed system.
Particulalrly to the students, it is significant to them because through this program students can update and monitor their grades every end of the semester, through this computerized monitoring grading system.
The study must also be helpful to the future studies related to this because this will help them substantiate the data they needed.

Chapter II
Organizational Background
School History

Below is the mission and vision of the East Pacific Computer College;
EPCC will be the center of excellence in information technology, electronics, engineering, business, education and other fields of study in which we will engage in. we will bench mark not with local competitors but with the best of the country and the world.
The EPCC will exist to provide a quality, affordable education no-more-no-less. By the quality education we mean facilitating the learners to acquire knowledge, skills, principles and ideals, values and attitudes necessary to develop the fullest potential of a person and to succeed in life and in the process to become faithful citizens of our country.

East Pacific Computer College
Catarman, Northern Samar

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