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Grade 9 Business Exam Essay

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Principles of business
End of term examination
Grade 10
Paper 2
1 a. define the term organisational structure
b. there a basically four forms of organisational structures. List all four
c. define any two types of organisational structure listed in 1b above
d. differentiate between a formal organisational structure and an informal organisational structure.

2a. many products progress through different stages before they mature and eventually declines. Draw a diagram showing the life cycle of a product.
b. define the term ‘market research’
c. explain the importance of market research to a business or organisation.
d. list 4 types of market research
e. define any one listed above.
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Those customers specially identified for price hikes
c. Customers who refuse to buy a company’s product
d. A group of customers a firm is trying to satisfy

4. The marketing mix refers to
a. A variety of goods on the market
b. The ability of salesmen to become intimate with customers
c. The blend of different marketing activities aimed at a target market
d. How well the marketing department uses finance.

5. If a company wants to transport expensive items, what method of transport should they use?
a. Air
b. Water
c. Land
d. Sea

6. The creation of goods and services can be described as
A. Consumption
B. Production
C. Mechanisation
D. Merchandising

7. All of the following are rights of a consumer except:
a. The right to safety
b. Right to be informed
c. The right to violate
d. The right to choose

8. Which of the following is a measure to protect consumers/
a. The bureau of economics
b. Health centres
c. Consumerism
d. The ombudsman
9. A firm which divides itself into small units is practising:
a. Departmentalisation
b. Decentralisation
c. Differentiation
d. Delegating

10. The organisation chart of a firm shows:
a. The responsibilities of each manager
b. The order of efficiency among managers
c. The lines of authority
d. The range of salaries earned

11. Which of the following is not a part of the growth cycle of a product?
a. Introduction
b. Over maturity
c. Peak growth
d. Decline

12. Which of the following is a tye of market research?

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