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Gospel Essay

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The Christian gospel is defined as good news from the translation of “Greek euangelion: g d, good + spel, news” in the American Heritage Dictionary. However, people in our country have diverse views of Christianity and the gospel. I know from personal experience that the Bible scares some people. I am still not comfortable enough in my own testimony that I can easily have a discussion with fellow Christians for fear of them seeing how much I don’t know.
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The gospel is rejected by many as they feel it infringes on their rights. For example, some sections of our culture are taught that the option of abortion is the woman’s right to choose, not a moral question. If they were to hear the Word of God and become saved, they would ‘lose’ that right.
Someone who has experienced a recent loss of a loved one to cancer or some other horrific death may question the Word. They may ask how a loving God could allow such suffering and pain. Their emotions can block the Word from entering their heart.
There are some who attempt to reason away the miracles of the Bible. They try to use their intellect to defeat any argument a Christian has as to the validity of the claims of the Bible. They have been taught to believe in scientific answers for everything, such as evolution versus creation.
A Christian should know what they believe and have evidence to back their beliefs. They should have patience in presenting the facts behind their beliefs. Their life should exemplify Christian values; this example of faith in life everlasting through Jesus Christ speaks volumes. Choosing the right time to present the good news of the gospel is key to having someone listen to the message of salvation.

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