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Google: Marketing Excellence Essay

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March 27, 2014


A. Maintaining company identity
How can Google maintain a solid company identity/brand identity with its wide array of products and services?
B. Breaking out of the search engine mold.
Google started as a search engine company, and they were known for it. How can this initial identity interfere with them branching out to other business endeavors and how can they break out of this narrow identity into a broader, bigger and more diverse company?
C. Maintaining their reputation for innovation and reliability. ...view middle of the document...

Google has been, to most people for the longest time, just been that. But the company has since branched out to do a lot of other products ,applications and software. But one thing that marked all of their products was innovation. With AdWords, Google can pull in a lot of revenue by auctioning off prime keywords in their search engine. With Google Analytics, clients can track the traffic in their website, gather data and predict consumers’ behavior so that they can improve their websites, thus increasing sales.

Google has since expanded its roster of products and services. They bought Youtube, a popular video sharing site. The company has also come up with offerings that directly competed with established brands. They created Google Chrome, a newer web browser that integrates a lot of other Google online services. This was comparable with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. They also created the Android system, which was deemed to have a its

own beneficial properties when compared to that of the iPhone. Other products were soon developed, depending on the possible needs of consumers. They have positioning systems such as Google Maps and Google Earth, advertising platforms such as AdWorks, DoubleClick, Click-to-Call, educational aids like Google Scholar, Search, Google Dictionary and a whole lot more.

Their relative lack of proper advertising and promotion for all their products did not hinder or slow...

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