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Google Analytics Essay

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Google Analytics

March 3, 2012

Google Analytics
Google analytics is a service the Google Company gives to clients. Through this service Google wants to attract more of the traffic in the internet to get more site visitors into customers for the site owner. The owner of the site can use Google Analytics to learn which online marketing initiatives are cost effective and how visitors actually interact with the site. It shows how the site owners can make informed site design improvements, drive targeted traffic, and increase your conversions and profits. Google Analytics uses a first-party cookie and Java script codes to collect information about visitors and track your advertising ...view middle of the document...

5. Mobile Tracking - Track mobile websites, mobile apps and web enabled mobile devices, including both high end and non-java script enabled phones.
6. Flash, video and social Network application tracking- Track usage of your Ajax, Flash, social networking and Web 2.0 applications.
7. Internal site search- Understand visitor intent, find out what your customers are really looking for and speed up time to conversion. (Google)
Google Analytics keeps track and makes it easy for you to learn precisely what`s happening. Google Analytics shows you how to track different market segments and analyze conversion rates, and reveals advanced techniques such as marketing-campaign tracking, a valuable feature that most people overlook. (O`Reilly;, 2010)

Understanding Google Analytics Time Calculations

Measuring time on a website can be hard, really hard. Every web analytics tools have issues, and that include Google Analytics. Here are some tools and how they work:
1. Understanding Engagement Hits- The key to understanding Google Analytics time calculations understands the data that is sent to Google. We affectionately refer to this data as HITS. I know, that`s a terrible term to use when talking about analytics. But they really are hits. Data hits are the image requests sent to Google Analytics. There are six different types of data hits in Google Analytics:
a) Page view hits
b) Event hits
c) Ecommerce transaction hits
d) Ecommerce transaction item hits
e) User defined hits (this is the predecessor of custom variables)
f) Social plugin hits
While they are all...

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