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Google Essay

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Google is a great innovative technology company that has changed on how we use the internet. Google is well known for being one of the best internet search engines to grace our world today. Along with that Google has been a part of the mobile technology world since the introduction of Android phones and has been the best friend for many for wanting to know something in a hurry. Naturally as the mobile demand grows Google will want to be a part of that market share.
Google’s attempt to buy into the wireless spectrum was part of Google’s idea of bringing the internet to everyone everywhere. Google knew that the large key players such as AT&T and Verizon, although doing their ...view middle of the document...

With Chris Saca leadership many rural places may have the chance to internet access, Saca is best known for the “Google’s Free Citywide WiFi projects” where it provides the citizens with free access.
To go back to my question, does Google want to own and operate a wireless network of its own?
Sacca: Google is willing to do anything necessary to introduce some competition into this space and to really drive the prices of service to where they are most affordable to the broadest number of people. It is reprehensible that there are still so many people left off the Net.
That entails everything from building and operating a network, if necessary, to partnering with the vast number of companies left out of this game--for whom $5 billion is an insurmountable hurdle to participate meaningfully in an auction that could introduce true competition--to any of the existing carriers, if they want to put users first in their business models and prioritize those customer experiences. (Reardon, 2007).
Google was certainly gung-ho about this adventure into new avenues of trying to provide internet and although wireless is not part of their core competency they certainly have the resources to make it happen. Google is an inventive and innovative company and with their new experiments in trying to make access to the internet to all parts of the country/world a realization sooner or later they...

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