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Health Care maintenance in regards to quality health fitness preservation.
My capstone project is based on opening a health and fitness firm that is titled Right Here Chiseled Sessions (RHCS). RHCS health firm will utilize redesigned trailers fitted to service as mobile mini-gyms. RHCS will offer personal training, hourly gym equipment use and physical therapy to our customers from the convenience of a location right outside their residential or business address.
This venture offers a high level of opportunity. Opportunities can be connected to servicing clientele at their current residential location. Services and ...view middle of the document...

With that being said, I believe it is very rational and profitable to pursue this venture in this industry.
I will leverage this OM topic with a focus angled to my capstone project that will deal with the following key elements:
• Workforce scheduling
• Capacity planning
• Quality management and process improvement
• Trends in Healthcare (very important)
• Inventory management
I believe that by focusing on these core elements in relation to Health Care processes, I will be able to mitigate any potential risk situations that I may experience during the operation process of Right Here Chiseled Sessions (RHCS) and thus avoid any potential hiccups my firm may experienced during day to day business processing and ultimately decrease profit reduction scenarios.
According to Jacobs & Chase, “Health care as a service is characterized by extensive customer contact, a wide variety of provider, and literally life or death as potential outcomes”(Jacobs & Chase, 2011, p. 270). I highlighted the ending part of the above statement because I find this to be the most significant part of the quote as well as significance of this OM topic selection. No operation management will occur if death is present and life is reduced. My firm will attempt to offer services that will hopefully prolong the status of life therefore increasing the time allowed for the successful management of RHCS operations as well as other industry operations in which our customers partake in on a daily basis.

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