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Good Knight Communication Strategy Essay

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An analysis of the communication strategy, the creative strategy and the media strategy of Good Knight from the time of its launch in 1984
In 1984, the market for mosquito repellents was dominated by coils and creams. They had a widespread acceptance amongst the consumer for its satisfactory performance and affordability.
Good Knight wanted to enter the market as the electronic mosquito destroyer (EMD). But it faced stiff competition from its substitutes.
The communication strategy
Good Knight portrayed itself as a high quality product known for its proven Japanese ...view middle of the document...

3. Achieve a market share of 5% in the first year by increasing awareness amongst consumers.
The communication goals were to induce the following consumer response
1. LEARN- Demonstrate ease of use.
2. FEEL- Selling the product concept by highlighting its features.
3. DO- To encourage trial of EMD.
The focus of their communication strategy has been concentrated on the single largest consumer benefit of a safe and peaceful sleep.
The creative strategy
The Brand name “Good Knight” was not only meant to symbolize the consumer benefit of a protector, but its homonym “night” made the consumer believe that the product was meant for the night.
Good Knight also took advantage of the common salutation “Good Night” in Indian parlance. The brand name has been effectively used to convey the advertising proposition.
The Media strategy
Good Knight earmarked a fixed budget for its campaign in the first four months. The launched their campaign in Mumbai and Kerala alone. The mode of communication was the newspaper advertisements. Their strategy was to analyze the outcome of their campaign before planning further for different markets through different media.
The successful launch of it first campaign made Good Knight launch a nationwide television campaign. Since then Good Knight has effectively used the growth in the television market to their advantage.

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