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Cocaine Body Paragraphs
Marisa Swanigan
Michael Garcia

Cocaine seems to be the “silent drug”. The drug that most people do, but no one really knows until it’s gets to a bad point. I’ve seen this drug take a toll on more celebrities than people around me. I figured it was time for me to not only educate myself, but those who do not know too many facts about cocaine.
Cocaine is a crystalline alkaloid from the leaves of a coca plant found in South America. This drug acts as an anesthetic, stimulant, and an appetite suppressant. These acts are very likely to cause a person to suffer from increased heart rate, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, seizures, ...view middle of the document...

Long term affects can begin after the first time you use this drug. Long time users have a high risk of developing ulcerations in their mucous membrane in their nose and between the nostrils. This causes scabs to form in these places. Cocaine also causes dependency in the brain.
Cocaine addiction is something that happens very quickly. This is a highly addictive drug and most users begin to have a craving just after their first time using it. Just as most drugs, cocaine can be used as a “pain reliever”. This drug is less common to teenagers, and more common to older people. Cocaine has taken away several celebrities, including the late Whitney Houston. Drugs come along with being famous. A lot of the times, when people first become famous, they are making a lot of money, and they become exposed to different things. In this time and age, it’s not hard for someone to be influenced by the acts of others, especially if they are unaware of the harm it can do to you.
Cocaine is the second most popular drug in the United States. There are nearly...

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