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Going Into Conflict Essay

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Going to conflict

I was in Advance Individual Training when I had the order to report to my post in Alaska ready to leave to war. When I report to Alaska on of my memory is landing few, minutes later met a sergeant who told me do not unpack you living in two weeks of curse he was lying they first group left a week after I landed and myself was found in that airplane confuse trying to understand and assimilate that I was in my way to war with just twenty years old been forces to mature early , once I landed ten minute later we were attack by a ...view middle of the document...

After I got back from a long day of patrol I find out that I was leaving the cob again in 8 hours. Half way through deployment the unit decide to put me back in the airfield were I emphasize the patrol in the surrounding area and try to keep the enemy away from the area and to identify possible treads where IED`s been hide. I never was free to do personal stuff always was going in and out of the place. As time went through I had to come back to country a month went by and I found myself missing the war place because there me and the others learn that no matter how many differences we had always will be another day were we protect each other from the world that we were living in that time been. We were like family now we took our different way, I choose to stay in the service like many others, the rest the left the service to live as civilian and away from risk. But at the end of the day I, us soldier we are brothers even they are out of the service trying to keep a normal life even they now we always be soldier looking for the freedom and for the place that we feel comfortable. That is one of the biggest lesson I learn is not place comfortable unless is around retired soldier who give everything to be in it or in the cemetery visiting the buddy who made the last sacrifice.

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