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Goals Essay

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Ecole Victor-Brodeur!

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! ! ! ! ! ! ! Presented to Ms. Loschiavo! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
By! Khalid Sidki! 10 Red!

Year Goals !

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Victoria! October 3, 2014!

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! Throughout my life I have learned to set high goals, reach for them, and achieve them. Attaining a goal is often a difficult process, but it wouldn't be a goal if it were easy. It is very important to me to be successful and to never settle for less than my full potential. I don't want to be average in anything that I do, but I wish to stand out as a person who works hard and doesn't give up.!

! !
! My first goal is to attend class ...view middle of the document...

The first thing I will do each day is write assigned homework in my daily planner. That way I will remember what my assignments are at home. I will also set a designated time each night to do my homework. That way I will never forget to get it done. As a reward, I’ll become more organized and I won't lose any points for late assignments.!

! !


Finally, my personal goal is to study a little harder for my math tests. I usually

study for my math tests the night before the exam. What I should be doing is studying for the exam every night after I get new notes from the previous day. Maybe if I do this I won't have to cram for the exam and the test would be more recognizable and easier for me. For example, it seemed as if math came naturally to me. I think that my grades really dropped this term because I thought since I got an A in math last term I didn't have to study as hard this term. This backfired when I started receiving B’s on my math exams. By achieving this objective, I will receive good grades in a subject I plan on going into in the future.!

! !
! The doors I will open by succeeding in my goals are endless. By accomplishing my three goals which are attending class each and every day, completing my daily assignments, and earning a satisfactory grade, I will be able to discipline myself in such a manner that I can focus on what I need to in order to be successful. As I said, I don't want to be average in anything that I do, but I wish to stand out as a person who works hard and doesn't give up.!


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