Go Tomorrow Essay

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ECON 250

Views of Inequality and
Reading: Schiller, Chapter 1
Review of Graphs: PDF file

Today’s Topics

Hot issues
Analytical framework for causes of poverty
The complexities of measuring well-being
How poverty is related to inequality
Using Graphs: A review

Hot Issues
• What is poverty?
• Poverty in America

Who are the poor?
why are they poor?
Are they deserving of our assistance?
Who should provide assistance?
Are we providing too much or too little assistance?

• What is economic inequality? Does it matter?
• What is economic justice?

Analytical Framework for
Identifying the ...view middle of the document...


Using graphs: a review
• Slope of straight line
– Ratio of vertical change “rise” over horizontal change “run”
– Slope of straight line: Same numerical value (constant)
– Negative slope: One variable falls, other rises
– Positive slope: Both variables rise

Using graphs: a review
• Zero slope: Y value doesn’t change
• Infinite slope: X value doesn’t change

Using graphs: a review
• How to measure slope





Slope = 1/10 B









Slope = 3/10






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