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Globalization On Native Non Western Cultures Essay

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Examples of globalization on native non-Western cultures
Michele Schoolmeesters
Western Governor’s

December 1, 2014

Examples of globalization on native non-Western cultures

Part A and A1
One of the examples of globalization I would like to highlight that impacted a native non-western culture is the growth of outsourced IT and business outsourcing (BPO) services in Indian. The event has resulted in new and expanded employment opportunities for young college graduates. India has about half of the market share for business outsourcing. Before the event (the expansion of outsourcing) the new college graduate would have had a difficult time finding a job that pays as well as a ...view middle of the document...

McDonald’s is known worldwide for their golden arches and this was a business expansion into other parts of the world. It was not a direct policy that caused the fast food industry to expand into China. It was a business choice/venture for McDonalds. There was no way for the company to know if the Chinese culture would accept this type of food into their culture.

I believe the unintentional outcome of the expansion of fast food into China is the continually rising obesity rate that China is experiencing. Not only are their obesity rates increasing but China is facing increased complex medical diagnoses including diabetes and hypertension. The number of diabetics and hypertensive patient’s has been rising annually at a rate of 2.5%. These diagnoses typically were only seen in the western cultures prior to the globalization of fast into China. (Cheng, T, 2003)

The response of China to the expansion of fast food into their culture has been positive. People in China love the American cuisine of fast food. They can get their food quickly, it is not to expensive and it is a...

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