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Global Warming Is Good For You: Critique

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Critique: Global warming is good for you
In the 2002 publication of the Guardian we find an interesting article written by Duncan Steel, from the University of Salford. In this article he takes an unorthodox stand on a rather cliché topic, claiming that global warming does in fact prove beneficial to human civilization and development by preventing a far worse ‘global freeze’. An interesting viewpoint, but the reasons he cites to justify his position seem superficial and poorly supported, making the article look like as if it were a fruit of a pointless literary mission to dwell on the topic from the ‘side not taken’.
Mr. Steel starts off his argument by giving examples of how climate ...view middle of the document...

We have the technology to deal with that, he may refute- but can we honestly say that we are comfortably coping with these associated factors?
These consequences and associated factors are conveniently ignored by the author, who instead only mentions the rise in sea levels, an issue that he claims can be resolved by moving to new “zones of habitability” when the previous when ones get submerged- just like humans have done before in the past. Would it be that feasible? Perhaps in the past it would have been relatively simple considering that people’s necessities were not as sophisticated as they are now. But taking something of the size of Miami alone today however, its submergence would deal a large blow not only to the US economy but several other countries as well. We thus see that the author has slightly contradicted himself as he feels that global warming would rather protect the existing economies.
Now looking at the last decade from an ecological point of view, the increase in per-capita energy requirements, human population and associated environmental degradation must have cumulatively contributed significantly to the global warming. The feedback effect that the author talks of in some sense also applies to global warming,...

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