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Executive Summary 2
Introduction 3
Implementation of TQM & LEAN into MPA objective 4
TQM application to MPA reliability 4
Lean approach vs MPA competitiveness 7
Benefits & Limitations 8
Environmental Issues 8
Sustainable Environment 9
Carbon Emissions 10
Implementation of LEAN in the Environmental Issues 11
Conclusion 12
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Executive Summary:
The port of Singapore comprises a number of facilities and terminals that handle a wide range of cargo transported in different forms. In addition, the government has established The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) as a body that is responsible for the overall development and ...view middle of the document...

Results indicate that these practices are key aspects that can be implemented by the MPA in their ambition to improve the quality of the services provided by the ports, as well as practices that are bound to save the operational costs of the industry, thus increasing its profitability and efficiency as well.
Certain limitations such as reliance on secondary data and time constraints, and bias views are some of the major factors that may affect the outcome of the paper, although arguments have been undertaken to argue towards and against the theoretical practices and frameworks.
As globalization may not a new concept but over the recent years, Asia has been rising as the new economic power which has caused organizations to look towards the region, in order to expand their business. This has resulted in investors pouring their funds into theAsian region from the West, which has in turn resulted in Asian governments and organizations alike, to move swiftly in order to accommodate this incoming interests.
To narrow down the scope, the World Bank recently ranked Singapore as the No. 1 Logistics Hub amongst 155 countries globally in the 2012 Logistics Performance Index. Singapore’s strategic location in the heart of Southeast Asia and at the nexus of major shipping lanes has made it an important logistics hub and conduit for world trade. (Kelvin Wong, 2012)
Singapore being a prime location for major logistics firms, and with 20 of the top 25 global logistics players conducting operations here such as DHL, Kuehne + Nagel, Sankyu, Schenker, Toll, UPS and Yusen Logistics, who have set up regional or global headquarter functions in Singapore, this has put the country in a situation whereby improvements have to be made in order to both accommodate the existing investments, and prepare to accommodate future investments as well. One of the things that the Singaporean government has done is that it has established a body who main aim is to handle this accommodation; The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). Therefore, this report aims to looking into this organizational body that has been put in place, and the various business oriented practises that can be applied to its practise in order to help it achieve its goals and objectives.

Implementation of TQM and LEAN into the MPA objectives:
When it comes to total quality management (TQM), this practice generally seeks to either meeting or exceed the customers’ expectations by improvingthe quality and performance of the products or services that an organization is providing. TQM can be achieved through integrating all the functions and processes of a business that are related to quality since this practice takes into consideration the overall quality measures used by an organization by accounting for all quality measures taken at all levels, and also involving all company employees within these levels. This comprises of aspects such as the management of quality design and...

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