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Global Population Growth Essay

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Global Population Growth
Accordance to the United Nations demographers, global population already passed 6.9 billion in mid-2010. Also, population life expectancy is consistently rising decline (Engelman, 2010). Many industrial countries are now experiencing either slow population growth or completely. However, a lot of developing countries still continue to grow rapidly their populations to have large proportions of young people for working. Thus, 95 percents of population growth is appears in the developing nations today.
Population growth has resulted in overpopulation on a national and world's level. It may limit future economic growth in high-fertility nations while population ...view middle of the document...

These both trends in industrial and developing countries indicate continued population growth in both the industrial and the developing nations.
The industrialized world confronts the most immediate effect of the aging transition (Helgerson, 2002). It will appear of decreasing of the ratio of taxpaying workers to nonworking citizens in the developed countries. The industrialized nations may find themselves with increased debt or higher taxes, which could lead to slower economic growth worldwide. The major influences key of economic growth is dependency ratios. Countries with lower ratios can utilize resources to investment in national education, technological progress, and physical capital. However, the countries with high dependency ratios have to spend large shares of their resources taking care of dependents.
Lindsay (2001) described that overpopulation also cause the trouble to the environment with increasing demands for timber and fossil fuels, pushing up the price of the raw materials industrialized countries that need to import. Nato review (2011) also mentioned that billion of people across the world will suffer from thirst, hunger, slum conditions and conflict according to droughts, food scarcity, urban squalor, migration and depleting natural resources if there is no any action. The need for energy to support economic growth in industrial nations, with demand doubling by 2050, and there is a...

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