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Global Challenges In It Essay

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Global Issue | Challenge (Yes or No) | Why is it a challenge |
Cultural challenges |  YES | Different countries vary * Tastes * Gestures * Treatment of people * Ethical issuesThis difference can significantly affect individuals and organizations involved in global trade. |
Language challenges |  YES | * International parties must agree on common language * Data not transmittable internationally because information must be translated; computers still cannot accurately translate on the fly * English considered de facto international language * Many countries require accounting systems to be in the local language |
Time and distance challenges |  YES | * Crafting policies that work for employees, ...view middle of the document...

However, electronic products (e-products) and electronic services (e-services) can be delivered to customers electronically, over the phone, networks, through the Internet, or other electronic means.Software, music, books, manuals, and help and advice can all be delivered over the Internet.  |
Technology transfer issues  |  YES | * Not all countries have adequate information * technology infrastructures * Unable to build international IS * Broadband communication lines needed |
State, regional and national laws  |  YES |  Every country has a set of laws that must be obeyed by citizens and organizations operating in the country. These laws can deal with a variety of issues, including trade secrets, patents, copyrights, protection of personal or financial data, privacy, and much more. Laws restricting how data enters or exits a country are often called ‘trans-border data-flow laws’. Keeping track of these laws and incorporating them into the procedures and computer systems of multinational and trans-national organizations can be very difficult and time consuming, requiring expert legal advice. |
Trade agreements |  YES | Countries often enter into trade agreements with each other. The EU has trade agreements among its members. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) are other examples. Others include the Australia–United States Free Trade Agreement and agreementsbetween Bolivia and Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica, Canada and Israel, Chileand Korea, Mexico and Japan, the U.S. and Jordan, and many others. |

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