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Global Balance Essay

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Global Balance

The global balance of power is defined by the pursuit of national goals in conjunction with the pursuit of transnational goals. Achieving global balance is critical to the success of nations. The United States and the European Union are examples of democratic entities that work on a global level through foreign policy to achieve national initiatives. This is evident through world trade systems, military involvement, common belief systems and the desire for our world to prosper socially, economically, politically and environmentally. Maintaining independent sovereign nations is achievable through collective work in the global sphere.

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That ruling body is the only governing entity over that land. Nations, such as The Vatican City, can be governed by particular beliefs and led by a single person, The Pope. An idea can also rule a nation, such as Communism in China. A minority group of people can hold power and make all the nations’ decisions, which is evident in Saudi Arabia. For most nations, a Constitution is the official decree of governance and the highest lawful authority. Alternatively, a long-standing legal tradition can define the nation’s structure and create an entity, such as the United Kingdom, which is governed by a King or Queen.
A state is comprised of three main parts: a territory, institutions and people. The state maintains control over a certain territory or geographical location. States are home to different forms of government, some are republics, for example, or monarchies. States can stand as their own countries, or several states can join together to become one country that will generally have their own armed forces, police, laws and societal structure.
There are two types of states, democracy or dictatorship. Even if several states are democracies, they may have different definitions of democracy and follow different rules. The democracy evident in Iran is very different from the democracy of The United States. A dictatorship functions with absolute power given to the ruler. States, no matter the type of state, function to provide their people with economic sustainability, peace and security. When these tenants are not met, failed states are evident and create threats for functioning states in other parts of the world.
Bergman and Renwick (2008) mentioned the following:
The existence of many failed states in Africa, as well as in Asia and in Latin America, provides breeding grounds for civil wars, guerilla wars, and the multiplication of independent rogue military forces. These have proved capable of projecting violence into the hearts of the developed world, as the attacks on the United States on 9/11 demonstrated. (p. 450)
Nation-states include a national culture, language and governance. Iceland is close to an ideal nation-state because it is an island, and therefore, does not have cross-border minorities. Iceland does not encounter much immigration due to its geographical location which keeps the lineage and culture true to its origin. Since the national culture and language are found only in Iceland, it has maintained its standing as a true nation-state.
The United States is a modern nation-state, where many characteristics of a nation and state coincide. The United States is a democracy, governed by political parties and a singular president voted into power by the people. While many languages are present in the United States, English is the primary language. The United States maintains lands under its territories with established boundaries and rights of possession. Within these geographical locations, the tenants of the...

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