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1. What opportunities in the marketing environment did Gannett seize in launching USA Today? How did the company learn about and respond to these opportunities?

Gannett noticed two trends or opportunities in the reading public and took advantage of those trends. The first one is the increasingly short attention span among a generation nurtured on television, the second is the growing hunger for more information. The newspaper’s primary mission was to provide more news to their readers in less time.
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They were also the first color newspaper and captured readers using a TV set like distribution box. They were very unique and out of the box. In addition to this, Gannett’s research had shown that readers get most of their information from such snippets and they were also interested in sports, movie reviews, and health information so he didn’t just limit it to traditional news, he added diverse news about several topics like sports. I believe that the company knew about opportunities by closely communicating with their customers and conducting research and responding to their consumer’s needs by continuously re innovating and adding values to fit the reader’s lifestyle and interests. For instance, when they knew that a lot of their readers are not only interested in traditional news, but they are also sports junkie they added more subjects like sports, lifestyle, and events. They also changed the width, made the paper slimmer and easier to handle to fit in airplanes and tight spaces. When US Today at their beginning found the traveling business people a potential target segment they targeted them by selling to airlines. Then they also started selling to hotels, and they also started bulk selling (incorporated the blue chip circulation strategy), on the road in the US, on the road internationally as well.

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