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Gifted For A Mission Essay

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Olivia Scanlon
Mrs. Smith
Christian Morality
7 October 2010
Gifted For Mission
We have been created in God’s own image and likeness. We posses the special gifts of free will, God’s love and salvation in God’s son , Jesus Christ. Each one of us has special, gifts talents and values given to us by God to enable us to fulfill His mission for us. It is our obligation as moral Christians and human beings to use those gifts to spread God’s message and influence others.
Great books often inspire me. A captivating book can put you in someone else’s shoes and it is always interesting to ask yourself, “What would I do in that situation.” Recently, I was inspired by the epic novel, Gone with the Wind, although Scarlett O’Hara does not always make the most ...view middle of the document...

I have interest in learning and would love to expand my knowledge about the world especially in Italy, specifically, the age old cities of Rome, Venice and the Vatican.
Role models are blessed with a special privilege but also an enormous responsibility. As the oldest girl in a family of five children and with over fifty younger cousins I have a duty to set forth a moral example for them to follow. Because of this, I strive to make choices that are respectable modeling myself after my grandmother. My Grandma , once a member Marine Corps, FBI and mother of eight, has always been an inspiration to me with her courage, respectfulness and kindness. People also model themselves after those in pop culture, such as Eleanor Roosevelt, who was very popular along the people during her time as first lady.
I try to keep a kind, caring and fun personality. I also try my hardest t stick to my values of friendship, loyalty, faith, courage and respect to protect my good-given gifts of My gifts from God are health, intelligence, family, friends & faith. I believe that though God has a plan for sending us here, he wants to be happy and keep growing because life is a journey. This is why I chose the song The Climb, about struggled to over come the setbacks in life, by Miley Cyrus for the song I sing to God. Also, for the song that God sings to me I chose My Wish by the Rascal Flatts because God wants us to enjoy our time here on Earth. Which ultimately leads me to my philosophy on life, God wants us of life is to live life to its fullest. That is why I always try to do my very best and be thankful for what I have.

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