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November 15, 2012

Volunteer Paper
I recently had the honor of completing my volunteer hours at Cypress Glen Retirement Community. This facility is located in Greenville, NC off of 100 Hickory Street. Cypress Glen was established in 1987. This facility has several levels of quality care ranging from long term, rehabilitative skilled nursing, assisted living and on-site dementia care. The employees take pride in distinguishing this facility from a nursing home. They immediately highlighted the fact that Cypress glen offers independent living apartments, and cottages, assisted living apartments, and a memory care cottage with ...view middle of the document...

They don’t participate for the money but more so for bragging rights on who won the most games that evening.
Another joyous moment was being able to make the ladies feel as though they were being pampered in a five-star spa. Every Monday we provided the ladies with manicures and painted their nails any color of their liking. This pampering service allows the women to keep their sense of beauty. They enjoyed showing off their freshly painted nails to the other residents of the hall. Another game the residents looked forward to was “Lima bean.” Lima bean took place in an auction type setting. The residents were each given twenty-five lima beans to begin their bidding and could bid any number of beans desired for each item. The items ranged from a box of hot chocolate, laundry detergent, Christmas sweaters, or various blankets for the residents.
Lastly, for their recent holiday Halloween celebration. They hosted a Halloween party for the residents. Each resident dressed up in festive costumes. There was a live band playing jams from the early 1900’s, which struck accord with all the residents. Several stated they remembered the songs. They were provided with Halloween cupcakes and a special steamy “dry ice” produced punch. At the end of the party the three best dressed costumes won a basket full of candy. The residents enjoyed getting away from their rooms for a few hours and interacting with other residents from other halls.
Cypress Glen is a long term care facility that offers a range of services that help older people compensate for losses in physical and mental abilities and remain as independent as possible. At a long term care facility they are responsible for the five ADL’s (Activities of daily living.) The activities consist of assisting the residents whom are unable to individually feed themselves, dress themselves, bathe alone, using the toilet, and getting in and out of the bed. The caretakers of Cypress Glen are responsible as well for the instrumental activities...

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