Geology And National Parks Essay

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Gertrude Obeng
Geology and National Parks Final

Weathering is the gradual destruction of rock when it comes to certain surface donitions, it can occur with a physical process as well as chemically and of course living things can and will weather as well. The breakdown of minerals can and will vary from surface to surface and depending on the type of weathering that’s happening, it can either have a tiny effect over a long period of time or a major effect over a short and long period of time. It’s known to loosen and alter material and transform minerals and material into a whole different landform.
Then we have erosion which is the breakdown and movement ...view middle of the document...

This process is also known as corrosion or even erosion by abrasion.
While a reef is a ridge of jagged rock and/or rocks, coral and sand that is just above or even below the surface of the sea. Many may explain it as a community of these organisms and minerals that live around the surface of the sea. It may even contain mineral deposits of minerals that are sought after by the expensive eye. It’s where you may find the beauties of the sea life where coral of rich and different colors and shapes live. The significance of caves and reefs are ones that are very important. They make up our diverse and beautiful landscapes and are plentiful in resources. They include having the largest springs and the most productive groundwater on Earth and seeing that caves are also mostly made up of limestone, they are very rich in minerals and help our running and ground water that is often sucked up by humans to drink. Majority of the minerals from caves and reefs are often used in everyday items that humans love so much. Which include building material, filtering for water, and other materials used for everyday counter tops, floors and even jewelry. Mostly they help keep the planet’s water and other resources clean and useable where most people may not realize is needed, especially since we drink it. Mammoth Cave National Park is one of the best and overly researched national park that shows the examples of how amazing caves can be and how much they have helped us lived on Earth.

Glaciers can be seen as another way that landscapes can be formed through different types of processes when it comes to cold weather, snow, hail and ice. Glaciers can be seen as an example of how landscapes can be shaped and made under a short amount of time and even in a massive way. They may differ from many others seeing how they need a specific condition and temperature to be able to develop and survive. They can form into massive beings of land over just over decades which is not even long compared to how long the Earth has been around. Majority of the reasoning to why glaciers move and shape may not even be because of weathering but also because of its own weight and the gravity that pushes down on these masses.
Just like any other part of the Earth, glaciers hold a huge significance to this planet as well. They can provide drinking water, it’s hard to believe that some of the most crisp and clean water can come from our glaciers, even for those who live near and may need this water during their driest times. Glaciers can also irrigate crops and have done so for thousands of years. They have helped many countries especially the Chinese and Russians when it comes to maintaining crops regardless of the climate that glaciers survive under. They also even help generate hydroelectric power that scientists and engineers use while they tap into the glacial resources, using them to create electricity.
As for National Glaciers, Malaspina Glacier in Alaska is the...

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