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Geology Essay

357 words - 2 pages

Sibrey McManus
April 13, 2013
GEO 111-20
Homework #6

The Great Drying Strikes Again

Global warming has been a controversy for many years now. It wasn’t until this past summer that seemed to change the minds of those doubtful individuals. Although the issue shy’s away in presidential campaigns, it is still an alive and well concern for scientists and the whole of society. Bryan Walsh’s article in Time Magazine, The Great Drying Strikes Again, elaborates on last summers events that point towards the reality of global ...view middle of the document...

This unusual drought struck the interest of scientists to use geochemical indicators to revel precipitation levels thousands of years ago to forecast the past of the American West. Researches found through lake sediment cores from the Valles Caldera in northern New Mexico, that southwest America experienced a dramatic climate change during the warm periods of the Pleistocene Epoch, which lasted from 2.5 Million years ago to 11,700 years ago. Another group of scientists researched tree-rings to find evidence of a series of severe droughts that in occurred in the Plaines and the Southwest. This event occurred between 800 A.D. and 1500 A.D.. Evidence suggests that there were widespread blowing sand dunes across the Great Plains during the Medieval period, creating dust storms on levels that were not seen again until the 1930s.
We may not have an exact answer as to what is causing climate change, but scientists are piecing together the clues and trying to spread awareness to prevent future damages. Increasing drought and temperature risings are a special concern and the public is beginning to see the seriousness of the problems. As a society we need to learn from our past in order to have a brighter....and cooler future!

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