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Genetically Engineered Foods Essay

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Genetically Engineered Foods
Regina Summers
SCI 207: Dependence of Man on the Environment
Instructor Apuzzo
February 6, 2012

Genetically Engineered Foods
In today’s society and towards our future there is a controversial statement that genetically engineered food may be the solution to feed the hungry in the world. Supporters believe that genetic engineered food will ensure and sustain food security all over the world as our population continues to grow. On the other hand there are concerns about the genetically engineered food. There are many researchers that believe that engineered food is not the solution to feed the hungry. In this paper we will discuss the pros and cons ...view middle of the document...

Genetically engineered food is becoming a favorable argumentative topic in today’s society of advancing technology. There are many that would say they believe that there is not real danger in genetically engineered food. Also that it could benefit the world greatly. Genetically engineered food can help the world hunger crisis, or it can make new strains of plants by advancing their DNA. This could make more crops or help the crops to grow in unfavorable conditions. This would ensure that we would have food no matter what.
On the other hand, some scientists fear that manipulating the plants DNA would cause the strain to become resistant to herbicides and maybe even become resistant to many limiting factors in the environment. This could cause the plant to take over so to speak. Also people believe that messing with the plants DNA cells could cause irreversible mutation that may cause diseases and viruses. This means that since scientist are advancing the plants cells to resists herbicides that the plants could also be resistant to antibiotics.
On that same hand, scientist believe that the production of genetically enhance food is a radical approach to dealing with the world hunger crisis. Some believe that tampering with the natural order of environmental evolution can be potentially dangerous. Some scientists fear that extracting genes from different apparently useful organisms and inserting them into a totally unrelated species could be dangerous. This is where their concern for mutated plants comes into play. What exactly could happen where this particular crop is eaten? The effects of these plants are still uncertain on the impact it would have on the environment, plus the overall health of humans and animals. Yes, the process has been proven successful in the lab, but many experts feel that further testing and precautionary measures should be taken. Especially before the genetically engineered plants is mass-production and sold to the entire world.
Genetically engineered crops are not the only thing that is being engineered. Animals are also being genetically engineered so that they might also help the food crisis. Genetically engineering animals is similar to engineering crop plants. Genetic engineering of animals involves manipulating or simply modifying the genetic code of selected animals. Manipulating the genetic code of these animals alters their characteristics and brings out the more desired trait of the animal. ...

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