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Gender & Organisations Essay

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It is clear to see from this case that Cheryl is currently very successful at the job she is doing at Copro and she is held at very high esteem by her colleagues, her boss and the CEO of the company. But we can see that she is at a stage where she is questioning herself as a mother to her daughter and wants to spend more time with her. She has already built up her career to quite a high level within the company but as can be seen with the case, she is struggling to come to terms with moving up even higher to a senior level management position. This is not uncommon, as an article in the Irish Times suggests that having children does in fact hold women back and it gives rise to the “glass ...view middle of the document...

From the families perspective we can see that this situation is impacting her daughter Emma. Emma is getting that bit older and she needs her parents around at home more often than they are. Her husband seems to have a very important job that takes up a lot of his time and he seems to be gone from the household quite a bit. Cheryl does not seem to question this either, she seems quite content that her husband and his career is the way it is. From the families point of view also, we can see from the case that Cheryl did not get a very long maternity leave when she first had Emma, she went back after only 3 months. This indeed may have affected family life, as Cheryl and John would not have had a lot of time to get to terms with what parenthood actually involved in such a short space of time. If Cheryl was to ease her hours, or if she was to stay as she is without a promotion then maybe the family would not be as affected. Furthermore, John could also be affecting the way the family has to deal with this as he seems to not be as concerned as Emma is.
From the companies perspective they really value Cheryl and the value what she brings to their company. They seem likely that they want to promote here and they want her to be making strategic decisions. The CEO is very fond of her, as her boss Markus. She has developed very successful campaigns for the company and her plans and suggestions are highly cherished within the company and they want her to be visible at all times in the business. Therefore, they are limiting the amount of time that Cheryl can spend with Emma and her family. There was a clear issue with the company putting pressure on Cheryl when she was pregnant that they needed her to come back as quick as possible, this was probably the reason that Cheryl only had three months maternity leave as it were. The company should not have put this pressure on her, they should have realised her individual needs as a mother and in turn give rise to real equality. Cheryl should not have had to be pressurised into hurrying back in order to keep her position in tact and her future career goals still in the frame, the company should have realised her rights as a woman to bear a child and the efforts of looking after that child after the child comes into the world. The company should have understood the needs that Cheryl as a new mother would have needed and they should have put a procedure in place and should have been proactive which they were not. When in line for the promotion, her boss Markus constantly took a back step when Cheryl was actively trying to find a resolution to her situation. Also, the company did not seem to recognise Cheryl’s childcare needs when her boss suddenly announced a business trip to the US with a weeks’ notice. The company should have realised the fact that this might not be as easily accessible to do for Cheryl. Whether it is stated or not, it could be said that Cheryl’s hesitation and questioning of her current...

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