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Gender In Advertisements Essay

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Gender in Advertisements

Publications and writings have always been used to express ideas and thoughts about particular people things, goods, services as well as civilizations, and the same are also used to document history and get evidence about the events and happenings of the past. It is eminent to mention here that all the various forms of publications have their own style of writing and have been produced to serve some particular purpose, which is different from all the other forms and types. A look at the history of magazines reveals that they were mainly published to provide people with some fun-to-read stuff, which is presented in light as well as lively ...view middle of the document...

It should also be noted that the topics covered in Ladies’ Home Journal are basically the ones that are stereotypically liked by women, for instance, most of the women are interested in beauty, relationships, cooking and shopping, and the same topics are given significant coverage in the magazine (Ladies Home Journal, 2012). At the same time, the topic generally thought of as ‘male topics’ for instance politics and business, are simple absent from the magazine. Although a large number of women are interested in politics as well as business and other matters, but it was noticed that the magazine contains issues and topics that are liked by almost all of the women, ignoring the ones liked by some of them. Cooking and baking were also covered by the magazine as these are also included in the duties of women and most of the ladies show interest in them.

Writing Style
The writing style of the magazine is glamorized, and cannot be regarded as simple and straightforward. It should be noted that majority of the articles of the magazine contain superlative terms, to make the reader believe that whatever is being said is based on reality. This effect was especially observed in the health and beauty sections: the beauty tips and the fashion information was presented with excess of superlatives and make-believe terms, that were clearly intended to make the reader believe that making use of the information presented in the magazine is sure to change their lives. In addition, all the material was presented in a proper flow and most of the articles and write-ups were filled with juicy news and gossips. It is eminent to mention here that significant part of the magazine was occupied by celebrities: their news, their secrets and the tips and tricks of being like them and their issues as well (Ladies Home Journal, 2012).
In addition, it has been noticed that the writing style of the magazine is significantly different from the writing style of men’s magazine, which is generally straightforward and there is lesser use of superlative elements. I also noticed that the women’s magazine appear to be aimed at raising the standard of living of the readers and to make them more appealing, attractive and more like the celebrities and famous personalities.

The magazine mostly contains advertisements related to sale offers and competitions that promise expense as well as exquisite prices. It should be noted that most of the women are known to have interest in sales, discounts as well as competitions that offer prices. In addition, there are advertisements of beauty products and clothes, which offer different and specialized dresses for various occasions (Ladies Home Journal, 2012). Advertisements of household products and materials used in cooking and baking were also found in the magazine combed with the advertisements of traveling agents and some vacation spots. It is eminent to mention here that all the advertisements were...

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