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Gender Essay

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When going to a department store to pick out a perfume fragrance I go back in forth between Miss Dior and Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Sometimes I end up purchasing both because I can’t make up my mind but why do these two type of fragrances stick out to me? Why not Axe or Polo by Ralph Lauren? As a female I’m naturally drawn to Miss Dior and Daisy due to the scent, the appearance, and also the advertisement that goes into these products over the more masculine scents.
When it comes to advertising fragrances there are very different approaches when trying to reach out to either the male or female population. Male fragrance commercials ...view middle of the document...

This is appealing to females because these advertisements reach out to both the more reserved and dainty woman, and also the strong, powerful woman as well.
The appearance of fragrance bottles also has an effect on what scent we choose as well. The shape, color, and print design of the bottle plays an important role. Male fragrance bottles are more of a blocked shape with a darker color tint making them more masculine. Female fragrance bottles are normally curvier with flower shaped caps, or a ribbon tied around them, making them more feminine. After all, majority of us choose a scent based on the appearance of the bottle it comes in.
Last but not least, the sole purpose of perfume or cologne, the scent. Scents women are more attracted to include fruity or floral essential oils. Scents on the more masculine side are normally made up more of spicy or musky fragrances.
All three of these components, scent, appearance, and advertisement, play a subconscious role into what fragrance we choose and why. From birth females are drilled with all things pink, dainty, floral, and light. Which is why designers add these aspects into the fragrance they are trying to sell. The same goes for males. They are drilled with sports, the color blue, cars, and roughing around. Once again when trying to attract the male population, designers keep this in mind.

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