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Gender And Cultural Stereotypes Essay

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Gender Stereotyping in Advertising

In the Swiffer® commercial, Morty Are You Listening? We meet Lee and Morty, an older married couple who are showing us how Swiffer® makes cleaning so much easier for Lee, the wife. We see Morty telling Lee to be careful climbing up on a stool to dust the top of a cabinet and saying, “There has to be an easier way.” This is a major gender stereotype. Morty could have climbed on the stool and dusted himself. After they receive the Swiffer® duster, we see Lee making her way around the house and dusting different areas. As she is dusting, she is talking to Morty and commenting about what a great job the Swiffer® is doing. They show Marty yawning, ...view middle of the document...

Many cultures, even immigrants in the United States, continue to live their lives with the woman being the homemaker. This is considered the norm in many cultures throughout the world.

Morty Are You Listening

Cultural Stereotyping in Advertising
In a recent Mountain Dew® commercial that was taken off the air, we are shown a scene in a police station. There is a line-up with five men and a goat. There is a battered woman standing behind the glass with three men. Seems like a very ordinary line-up, with the exception of the goat. However, all is not as it seems.
The interesting part about this particular line-up isn’t the goat. The interesting part is the abundance of cultural stereotypes. The battered woman is a white woman. The detective helping the woman is a white man. The five men in the line-up are all African-American. These five men are dressed in the very stereotypical manner of which society has painted the African-American...

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