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Gen 200 Essay

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Money Management
Korey A. White
November 17, 2010


Managing money by putting a certain percentage of your income in categorized accounts gives you a better understanding of where your money is going. There are three account types I have chosen for this paper. Financial Independence Account, which is for retirement. The Fun Account, which is used to reward myself for working. Then there is the Life Expenses account used for everyday life activities and needs. Upon reading this paper you will have a clear understanding of how these accounts play a role in helping me manage my money.

Money Management

Managing my money is my day-to-day problem. When I was in ...view middle of the document...

These two items have the potential to make me more money. Although this account does not allow me to take money out, so I can go out and have fun, there is an account that allows me to do just that.
The Fun Account is an account where I would insert another 10% of my income into to allow me to spend money on myself (Zahaluk, 2009, pg. 234, para. 4). I am the type of person who believes that if I am working, then I need to treat myself with videogame systems or clothes. So with this account it would help me with my money management because it is basically an allowance to me that allows me to spend every month or two. This account also helps because it will keep me from getting my check and spending it on miscellaneous items. So just like I need to manage money for my future, and to buy me the things I want, I also need to manage my money for life expenses.
The most important account would have to be the Life Expenses Account. This account helps me manage my money for the important things like...

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