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Gen/105 Week 2 Assignment: Communicating For Distance Education Part 2 Coaching Anthony On Why

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Week 1 DQ1
My initial thoughts on distance learning before I started this program. With this program it will give me the comfort of learning at home through home study because it is a difficult time in my life right now that enables me to attend a university on campus while jogging family and work it empowers me to use different resources to achieve my goal. I made a Choice to choose distance learning it has given me innovation to take classes online that has a supportive environment. Distance learning as a relationship that can emerge any discussion to try distance learning. Distance learning is any number of instructional situations. This process has been done through t ...view middle of the document...

Reliability of material general a high since all the duplications in the library databases are subject to some sort of editorial or peer review before duplications. Varied some websites from reputable organizations will contain reliable information. However, because wed publishing is expensive and easy, a great deal of advertising adult material, that not appropriate for academic research will be included.


materials, demagoguery,TICE:
Materials obtained
from the University
Library are
Unauthorized use
and/or duplication is
prohibited by national
law and international
treaties, including the
Berne Convention.
Locating Peer Reviewed Material
Some vendors offer a check box on the initial search screen allowing for search results
to be limited to only those articles from peer reviewed publications. Checking this box
will result in fewer search results since this feature filters articles, but it will also result
in a set of articles found exclusively in peer reviewed publications.
For databases that do not offer an option to limit search results to peer reviewed
materials, users can use the following guidelines to help determine whether or not an
item is...

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