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Gdp Of Swiss Essay

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Julian David

GDP of Switzerland
One for all and all for one. Many people have heard this saying before, but not many people know that this is the motto of Switzerland. In 2002, Switzerland was asked to join the European Union, but immediately declined the invitation. In fact, Switzerland is so great and their government thinks so highly of itself, that they believe that there is no place for them in the European Union. Switzerland ranks high in several metrics of national performance. According to Credit Suisee, Switzerland has the highest nominal wealth per adult in the world and the eighth highest per capita gross domestic ...view middle of the document...

Many Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Swiss scientist, 113 to be exact. Nine Nobel Peace Prizes have also been awarded to organizations in Switzerland. The largest lab in the world resides in Switzerland, known for its creation of the drug LSD. Velcro was also invented here. Energy advances in Switzerland have also been made towards finding greener energy sources. More than 50% of the country’s power comes from electricity generated by hydro power from their dams.
Since Switzerland is located in the middle of Germany, France, Italy, and Austria, the country has no official national language. Despite the large amount of foreign influence on the country’s language, the most widely spoken is German, however, English is rapidly growing and is expected to be the most spoken language within the next five years.
The economy of Switzerland is very stable as well as high tech; it is ranked the most competitive economy in the world. It has the world’s 19th largest economy by GDP and is the 12th largest exporter. The GDP of Switzerland is...

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