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Gcc Is Happening Essay

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P1). GCC is happening.
P2). We will have economic catastrophes.
P3). We will have disease epidemics.
P4). The government will collapse.
CC). Something needs to be done to stop GCC.

When listening to this argument the arguer commits several fallacies. The first fallacy that was committed was appeal to unqualified authority. He is a science teacher not someone who specializes in GCC, so how can he know if any of these events will happen? This is not his area of specialty. The second fallacy that was committed was appeal to ignorance. I chose this fallacy because he has presented no evidence besides his chart with the columns and rows. This is not enough information to go on to say that GCC is happening or not. The third fallacy committed was false cause. I say he committed this fallacy because what does GCC have to do with bread baskets of the USA and Russia turning to dust bowls causing catastrophic famines, or sea levels rising ...view middle of the document...

He is also playing on emotion when he says “so I’m asking you, whose fate I’m tied to politely” and trying to change our thinking. He is definitely playing on our emotions for sympathy in the matter.
I believe that GCC is something that has not been proven so it makes the argument weak. The arguer has many arguments, but nothing concrete. Although the arguer made some good points there is not a lot of validity in his argument. Some of the examples are that if action is taken and nothing in fact happens this in turn could lead to global depression. This argument is appeal to ignorance because there is no proof that GCC is happening or that is has happened so how can it be said that money is wasted or this can lead to global depression. Another example is the arguer commits the fallacy of hasty generalization. He does this when he states the catastrophic events will make the bread baskets of US and Russia turn into dust bowls. I’m not clear about the comparison of catastrophic events and bread baskets turning into dust bowls. In my opinion they have nothing in common. They are two separate events. This argument commits many fallacies, and it’s difficult to believe the premises are precisely true because in the beginning of the argument he stated that there is no actual evidence of GCC. However, his reasoning makes a lot of sense because we have experienced first-hand some of catastrophic events. Some of the examples are Hurricane Sandy, Katrina, earthquakes with magnitudes of more than eight, tsunamis like the Indian Ocean earthquake resulting to a Sumatran tsunami. All of these events have changed the world one way or another rather is was disease, famine and/or resulting in death.
Although there may not be evidence of GCC I think that it should not be overlooked because when you think about climate change, and all the natural disasters that have occurred it makes you want to change some of the things you do in your everyday life. For example, disposing of cooking oil and car oil the proper way. Also, if you drive think about getting a smart-car that way all the fumes won’t destroy our ozone layer any further. I know it’s just a start, but you have to start off somewhere. I don’t think people take GCC serious and maybe it time we start.

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