Gay Rights Essay

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Gay Rights
The controversy of gay rights has been an issue for many years and will more than likely be one for a long time. It is much like the issue of segregation; although most people have accepted the fact that we are all equal in the aspect of race. Maybe people could accept homosexuals in the aspect of their sexuality. When discussing gay rights it usually is about whether a state has laws that ban gay marriage or if they allow it. Most states have banned gay marriage. The result of having more states that allow gay marriage may impact our nation in a good way. It could become a thing of the past. Much like segregation, everyone could come together as equals.
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If someone accepts gay marriage does not mean that they have to practice gay marriage in any way but just be supportive of people who do it.
On the other hand of things, people who do not support the rights of gays cannot be forced into something that they simply do not believe in or not want a part in it. Some may think that being in a relationship with the same sex is unethical and disgusting or flat out wrong. Others may not believe in it simply because of their religion. Someone may not like it because of their political party; in most cases conservatives do not want gays to have rights. Not all the time, but most times. There are some cases that change the outlook of gay marriage of a conservative. An example would be Ted Olson. Conant states that “Ted Olson would seem the unlikeliest champion of gay marriage” But after he got a call from an activist of gay rights and spoke with him he had changed his outlook. Other conservatives that were his colleagues said that he had turned against them. In all reality he was just being his own person and changing his views on what he believes his right.
Other people should follow the steps of this example and be their own person. Most people do not do their research and just follow what political party they vote for, or religion they...

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