Gay Marriage Essay

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Gay Marriage In The United States
By: Michael White
SOC. 120
PJ Rosch
April 2, 2012
America is a place where a person man or woman can be whoever they want to
be. America is the only place in the world where freedom reigns everywhere in the country. But,
Why is it that two men or women who love each other can not get married?. Here and now
people in LGBT community are fighting for equality. They want the same right as people who
are considered to be regular americans to get married. Opposing forces such as certain religous
groups, and several other organizations are fighting to stop this from happening. There is an easy
solution to the problem why ...view middle of the document...

Here in the United States there are only six
states that allow same sex marriage. There are countries and states that allow couples to have
civil union ceremonies if approved by a judge or a government official. There are also several
countries that recognize the unions but are not prohibited to actually perform the union.In some
countries around the world you can be either sentenced to death,and sentenced to life in prision.
In America one of the various and most influential groups that oppose gay marriage
is Religious groups. Many Americans continue to say their religious beliefs have been highly
influential in shaping their views about social issues, including abortion and same-sex marriage.
But far fewer cite religion as a top influence on their opinions about several other social and
political issues, including how the government should deal with immigration, the environment
and poverty. In recent years, same-sex marriage has been a contentious subject within many
religious groups in the There are 16 religious groups that has taken a stand on this issue. These
different religious groups all argue that allowing gay people to be married is an abomination. The
groups that are pushing forward here in America are Assemblies Of God,The Church of Jesus
Christ of latter day saints, Church of God in Christ , Orthodox Church In America, Mehnonite
Church of USA, Convocation of Anglicans in North America, and The Southern Baptist
These various groups stand strongly in their opposition of gay marriage. The
arguments are based upon passages in the bible in the Old and New Testaments. Scriptures in the
Old Testament like Genesis 19:4-19 which talks about God destroying Sodom and
Gomorah ,Leviticus 18:22 “Thou shalt not lay with mankind,as with womankind it is an
abomination”, and Scriptures in the the New Testament such as Romans 1, 1 Corinthians 6:8-
6:10. Various rallies and convention are held across the country to protest against gay marriage.
In some cases if the various religious groups find out where a marriage ceremony was being held
for a gay couple they would go and protest. One religious denomination in particular that speaks
against homosexuality and gay marriage is the Roman Catholic. The believers in this faith
consider those who practice Homosexuality to be “Heathens”and are not allowed to worship
with them and if someone is found out being gay they excommunicated. There are other
religious groups who do not believe in God who strongly oppose people who live the
Homosexuality lifestyle. Those of the Muslim faith and Buddhism does not recognize
Homosexuality at all. Although all these religious groups are different in their practices they all
agree that Homosexuality is wrong.
Even though there is a lot opposition in the religious community about gay marriages
there are a few christian groups that welcome gay couples. Groups such as United...

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